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About us Shandong Hiking International Commerce Group Co Ltd is a company dedicated to the field of construction products which more than 10 years experience in the water treatment field Our products will be used in construction industry chemical industry water conservation malls hotles restaurants etc The goal of our company Our staff of sales and technical support is available to help you in selectiong the right products accoring to your working environment At our company we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service competitive pricing speedy delivery and a comprehensive offering Our ultimate goal is your satifaction The advantage of our company At present we have a...

Categories and Products

Water Tank

FRP/SCM Water Tank

FRP SMC combined water tank SMC sectional water tank GRP water storage tank GRP Sectional Water tank square tank Fiberglass FRP Sectional Assembly Panel Water Tank Competitive Price SMC GRP Water Tank Fiberglass SMC Water Tank Fire Controling Water Tank Fiberglass GRP Water Tank For Water Storage SMC FRP GRP Water Storage Tank Rectangular Bolted SMC FRP Water Tank Food Grade Combined GRP Panel Water Tank SMC/FRP/GRP Water Storage Tank With Assembly SMC Water Tank With Elevated Steel Noninsulated GRP SMC Sectional Water Treatment Tank Large Capactiy Simple Installation FRP Water Tank High Quality GRP FRP Water Storage Tank FRP SMC Water Tank For Drinking Water FRP Water Tank For Irrigation Water Combined Type Fiberglass SMC Water Tank Customized Durable Modualr GRP Water Tank Environmental Assembly SMC FRP Water Tank 

Stainless Steel Water Tank

Stainless Steel Water Tank With Assembly Type Stainless Steel Structures With Water Tanks OEM Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank Irrigation Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank High Temperature Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank Drinking Water Stainless Steel Panel Water Tank Stainless Steel Panel Water Storage Tank Stainless Steel Square Water Tank with Food Grade New Technology Stainless Steel Sintex Water Tank Food Grade SS Water Tank For Drinking Water Modular Panel Stainless Steel Water Tanks Hot Selling Stainless Steel Water Tank With Panel Hot Water Drinking Tank SS Water Tank Stainless Steel 304 316 Water Tank With Assembly SUS304 Hot Drinking Water Tank For Water Treatment SUS 304 316 Bolted Panel Water Tank 

Hot Dip Galvanized Water Tank

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Water Tank Industrial Hot Dip Galanized Steel Water Tank Steel Fire Fighting Water Storage Tank Pressed Steel Sectional Water Tank Water Treatment Hot Dip Galvanzied Water Tank Pressed Water Tank Sectional Tank For Drinking HDG Steel Q235 Panel Water Tank Galvanized Water Preussre Tank With Steel Panel Storage Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Water Tank Underground Installation Panel For Clean Water Tanks Corrugated Steel Sheet Galvanized Water Tank 

FRP tank

Fiberglass Tank Water Tank With High Quality Water Treatment Fiberglass Pressure Tank Fiber Reinforced Plastic Storage Tank FRP Water Tank For Water Treatment Fiberglass GRP Storage Tanks GRP Storage Tank For Liquid 

Cooling Tower Accessories

Cooling Tower Filling

PVC Square Cooling Tower Packing Cooling Tower Filling For Cooling Tower Width 150/305/600mm Counter Flow Fill for Cooling Tower Fiberglass Cooling Tower Fillings PP PVC Infill Filling For Cooling Tower Water Cooling Tower PVC Packing PVC Film Fills For Cooling Towers Liang Chi Cooling Tower Fill Packing Black Marley Filling for Cooling Tower BAC Cooling Tower Filling Packing Sheets Cooling Tower Fill Packing Infill Marley Counter Flow Cooling Tower Packing Cross Flow Cooling Tower Filling With High Quality Hexagonal Honeycomb Tube Cooling Tower Filling Serial Modular Cooling Towers Film Filling PVC Sheet Spindel Fill For Spindle Cooling Tower Cooling Tower S Wave Fill Packing 1200x500mm Cooling Tower PVC S Wave BAC Filling For Cooling Tower BAC PVC Square Cooling Tower Media Fill 

Cooling Tower Nozzles

Cooling Tower Accessories Nozzles Flower Spray Nozzle Cooling Tower PP Eac 360 Spray Nozzle For Cooling Tower Performance Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle ABS Spiral Target Nozzle For Cooling Tower Water Distribution Reflective Spray Nozzles Indutrial Cooling Tower Plastic Sprayer Head Cleaning Dust Removal PP Spiral Nozzle PVC Plastuc Reflecting Spray Nozzle For Cooling Tower 180 Degree Cooling Tower Nozzle Marley Square Cooling Tower Flower Targer Spray Nozzle Filter Nozzles Cooling Towers Spray Nozzle Industrial Cooling Tower Plastic Reflex Sprinkler XF 2 Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle Spray Nozzles For Cooling Tower Parts Wire Bent Pipe for Cooling Tower Nozzle 2 Inch Hamnon Cooling Tower Plastic Spray Nozzle Eac 360 Spray Nozzle For Cooling Tower PVC Eac 360 Spray Nozzle Industrail Cooling Tower Plastic Spray Head 

Cooling Tower Parts

Cooling Tower Aluminum Alloy Sprinkler Head FRP Blades Fan For Cooling Tower 

FRP Duct Rodder

FRP Fiberglass Duct Rodder Fiberglass FRP Conduit Duct Rodder FRP Snack Dcut Rodder Standard FRP Fiberglass Duct Rodder DN4.5mm -18mm High Storage FRP Duct Rodder Fiberglass Core For FRP Fiberglass Duct Rodder High Strength Optical Fiber Duct Rodder High Strength FRP Duct Rodder With Wheels Copper Wire Inside Traceable Fiberglass Duct Rodder Underground FRP Snake Electric Duct Rodder 

Septic Tank

FRP Septic Tank

FRP Septic Tank For Sewage FRP Fiber Septic Tank For Sewage Treatment Wastewater Treatment Buried FRP Septic Tank For Family Underground FRP Septic Tank For Sewage Water Treatment FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Household FRP Chemical Industrial Tank GRP Underground Septic Tank Waste Water Plastic Septic Tank For Hotel Fiberglass Septic Tank For Sewage Water Treatment Plant Waste Water Treatment FRP Bio Septic Tank FRP Septic Tank For Hospital Sewage Treatment 

PE Septic Tank

PE Septic Tank For Family Using PE Water Storage Septic Tank Assembly PE Septic Tank PE Housedhold Sewage Septic Tank New Design PE Plastic Septic Tank 1-2cuM Sewage Tank Plastic Tank For Water Treatment Plastic Septic Storage Tank For Sewage Tank Underground Sewage Septic Tank Water Treatment Plastic Septic Tank Polyethylene Water Biogas Plant Septic Tank 

SMC Manhole Cover

SMC Composite Manhole Cover EN124 Fiberglass SMC Composite Manhole Cover SMC Composite Resin Manhole Cover For Road Facility Hight Load SMC Sewerage Manhole Cover Heavy Load Composite Manhole Cover With EN124 Anti-Theft SMC Composite Fiberglass Plastic Manhole Cover SMC Round Square Composite Communication Manhole Cover Fiberglass FRP GRP SMC Composite Manhole Cover Gas Station SMC Composite Manhole Cover EN124 FRP SMC BMC Composite Circular Manhole Cover High Quality Fiberglass Composite SMC Manhole Cover Original Pneumatic SMC Manhole Cover High Intensity SMC FRP Plastic Mahhole Cover Hot Sale SMC Square Composite Resin Manhole Cover Wholesale High Quality Fiberglass Composite Manhole Cover A15 B125 Fiberglass SMC Manhole Cover With EN124 SMC Light Weight Manhole Cover Customized Round FRP SMC Composite Manhole Cover High Pressure Manhole Cover SMC Material FRP SMC Manhole Cover With Frame For Drainage 

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